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Nicki Minaj: Mariah's 'satan' Remark Wasn't About Nicki Minaj, Says Nick Cannon

16 report from UPI , Nick Cannon has stepped forward and denied this. He said: "I don't think she was speaking directly about Minaj," Cannon told Access Hollywood. "I think she was talking about the situation in general. In her mind, it's bigger than that. If my wife wanted to call Minaj Satan, she would've said that. She has no problem saying how she feels!" He continued: "That's not a forum home page for the biggest superstar in the world, in my opinion," he says. "I don't even think it's about the people on the panel.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/nicki-minaj-mariah-s-satan-remark-wasn-t-about-nicki-minaj-says-nick-cannon

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